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Data Access Framework (DAF) Pilot - REACHnet

The Research Action for Health Network (REACHnet), formerly known as LaCDRN, is a PCORnet CDRN managed by the Louisiana Public Health Institute. REACHnet is a centralized node collecting data from 5 data sources; data is available to PCORI in CDM (2 million + patients). REACHnet is participating as a DAF Phase 3 pilot in order to optimize ways to ingest and expose data to/from data partners using ONC’s interoperability roadmap recommendations, and more effectively expand the research capabilities of the network. REACHnet utilizes PopMedNet (used by the PCORnet community) to expose datamarts to PCORnet. If a PopMedNet FHIR enabled is available, that will be piloted by REACHnet, otherwise i2b2 will be used. 

REACHnet proposes to create data visualization/analytics and a query processing FHIR enabled platform, which has the ability to interact with other FHIR enabled resources and allow researchers access to data cohorts and the tools needed to analyze the cohort ready data.
REACHnet will work towards considering how new data partners can more efficiently be integrated using DAF piloted solutions and consider the adoption of tools that use FHIR resources to query and allow for the analysis of data that will be adopted through this pilot. 
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  • CDRN
  • DAF
  • FHIR
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Project Results
This pilot ended in March 2017.

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