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Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) Project

The Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) project aims to standardize the integration (uploading and representation) of structured PRO data in EHRs and other health IT solutions to support interoperable exchange of this information. The standardization of PRO data across products can be achieved by using semantically consistent common data elements (CDE) for data capture and using standard ways to exchange the data across health IT systems. Data element and data capture standards would allow for PRO assessments to be conducted and easily shared regardless of the EHR or health IT solution being used.

Two pilot sites supported the implementation and refinement of technical specifications for collecting PRO data (PROMs and PROs) in virtual setting. The pilot demonstrations lasted approximately 13 months and consisted of three (3) development sprints ranging from 12 to 24 weeks. 

The purpose of the pilots were to test the technical specifications within the HL7 FHIR PRO Implementation Guide (Rev 0.2, that was developed as part of this project for collecting and sharing PROs electronically. Pilot demonstrations were to occur in a variety of settings such as a virtual environment, clinical or provider organizations using electronic health record systems and applications.
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Project Results
The Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) project came to a close at the end of September 2019. An ONC Health IT entry was published  (, which will provide more detailed information about the project.