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  1. Consultation Programs on Food from New Plant Varieties

Final Biotechnology Consultations

Biotechnology Consultations Inventory

The inventory of Biotechnology Consultations on Food from GE Plant Varieties lists all completed final consultations about bioengineered foods. Each record in the inventory

  • Identifies the consultation by a file number (biotechnology notification file number; BNF No.);
  • Identifies the food crop that was modified;
  • Describes the new or altered trait encoded by the new or altered genes;
  • Provides the developer's distinctive designation for the subject of the consultation and, if available, the Unique Identifier used internationally;
  • Provides the date of the agency's letter responding to the submission and a link to the text of that letter.

For each record in the inventory, the file number also serves as a link to additional information about the consultation, including

  • The date when the developer submitted its scientific and regulatory assessment of the food;
  • The developer's name and address;
  • The application(s) of the food (e.g., in human food, animal feed, or both);
  • Description of the Trait, the added protein or DNA that confers the trait, the source organism from which the trait was obtained, and its intended effect;
  • Whether the bioengineered food that contains a “Plant Incorporated Protectant,” an introduced pesticidal substance, which is subject to regulation by EPA;
  • The date of the agency's final memorandum describing information about the new bioengineered plant in the submission and a link to the text of that memorandum.

Biotechnology Consultations Inventory




Recently Published Biotechnology Consultations

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