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How FDA Develops Our Scientific Staff

Audience Participating in Scientific Professional Development Lecture

A highly skilled scientific staff that is on the cutting edge of the latest advances in science and technology is critical to FDA’s ability to protect and promote the public health. FDA provides our scientific workforce with a widening range of professional development channels through which they engage with the scientific community, conduct research, and stay current with new areas of science.

Multidisciplinary scientific collaboration, both within and external to the Agency, is essential to developing the new tools, standards, and approaches that enable FDA to assess the safety, efficacy, and security of promising new therapies as well as foods that are produced abroad.

FDA's scientific and technical staffs make up more than 65% of FDA's workforce and span a range of disciplines.This section describes how we orient our new employees and the rich vein of opportunities we offer them for training and professional development, continuing education, and collaboration.

Scientific Professional Development Opportunities

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