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Animal Medical Devices

The key difference between an animal drug and an animal device is how the product works. If it relies on a chemical action occurring in or on the animal’s body to achieve its primary intended effects, the product is a drug, not a device. If it needs to be broken down (metabolized) by the animal’s body to work, the product is a drug, not a device.

Antibiotics, anesthetics, and insulin are examples of drugs. Needles, syringes, surgical instruments, X-ray equipment, certain diagnostic test kits, and dental appliances are examples of devices.

Recalls and Other Important Information:

The Center for Veterinary Medicine is sharing the following announcements from the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health about human medical device recalls that may potentially present significant risks to consumers or users of the product. CVM is sharing these recall announcements because these devices may be used in veterinary settings.

You can find information on any recall monitored by FDA by viewing Enforcement Reports.

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