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Cosmetic Registration Reports

The information in the tables below is a monthly report of activity in FDA's Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program (VCRP).

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VCRP Monthly Status Report

Because the law does not require cosmetic firms to register their establishments or file their product formulations with FDA, participation in this program is voluntary. For this reason, the information below does not indicate the total number of companies manufacturing or marketing cosmetics in this country, or all cosmetic products on the market.

Activity for February 2022

  • Number of online accounts activated this month: 92
  • Number of products filed this month: 652

Total activity since the launch of the new online system, September 20, 2018

  • Number of active online accounts: 6,863
  • Number of active cosmetic establishment registrations: 3,885
  • Number of labelers that have filed product formulations*: 1,694
  • Number of filed products: 24,700
  • Number of product formulations discontinued**: 2,063
  • Number of product formulations rejected***: 2,266

Total activity since the VCRP was established, in 1972

  • Number of active cosmetic establishment registrations: 5,041
  • Number of labelers that have filed product formulations*: 2,607
  • Number of active products on file: 39,178
  • Number of product formulations discontinued**: 123,884
  • Number of product formulations rejected***: 3,298


*The "labeler" is the business identified on the label of a cosmetic product. 

**"Product formulations discontinued" are those that have been removed from the VCRP because the company has identified them as no longer in commercial distribution.

***"Product formulations rejected" are those that are incomplete or have errors that need to be corrected before they can be filed in the VCRP.

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