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  1. NCTR Location, Facilities, & Services

Scientific and Technical Library

Information about the NCTR Research Library, which supports and promotes the Center's scientific efforts in an environment of intellectual freedom

The NCTR Research Library supports and promotes the scientific efforts of the National Center for Toxicological Research in an environment of intellectual freedom and the scholarly pursuit of knowledge. This scientific and technical library holds some 12,000 monographs and 250 current titles covering the fields of biometry, risk assessment, neurotoxicology, microbiology, genetics, reproductive and developmental biology, chemistry, biochemical toxicology, and molecular epidemiology. 

Among the many services the NCTR Research Library provides are reference information and reviews of the scientific literature, end-user and mediated Medline and Current Contents database searches, Current Awareness Services to keep the science staff informed of ongoing research worldwide, Mediated Literature Searches using the Dialog System of over 600 databases, and an Interlibrary Loan program that processes requests using several worldwide networks of technical and academic libraries.

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