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#IAmORA shares the stories of ORA staff who are working to ensure our foods & medical products are safe.  We're pleased to highlight our colleagues who are proudly serving ORA On The Frontlines.

ORA is pleased to feature #IAmORA, a campaign highlighting the public health contributions of our ORA colleagues. #IAmORA educates our stakeholders and the general public about ORA and underscores our commitment to safeguarding Americans.


Nicola Areshenko
Consumer Safety Officer
Office of Partnerships, Integration Group, Office of Partnerships

Debra Boyd Seale

Debra Boyd-Seale 
Consumer Safety Officer
Office of Bioresearch Monitoring Operations (OBIMO) West Group 2

Robert Bughman
Operation Research Analyst
Division of System Solutions, Office of Information Systems Management

Dan Burke
Special Agent/Senior Operations Manager
Cybercrime Investigation Unit, Office of Criminal Investigations (OCI)

Adrienne Dukes

Adrienne Dukes 
Health Communications Specialist
Office of Communications and Project Management
Public Affairs Branch

Natalie Hussey
Management and Program Analyst
Division of Project Management, Office of Communications and Project Management

Daryle Harris
Director, Division of Field Administration
Office of Management (OM), Division of Field Administration (DFA)

Erica Katherine
ORA Ombudsman, Office of the Associate Commissioner

Scott Loughan
Compliance Officer
Office of Human and Animal Operations East (OHAFO-E)

Neali H. Lucas, Ph.D.
Supervisory Consumer Safety Officer
Office of Biologics Products Operations/Division 2/Investigations Branch

Connie Lucero
Import Specialist
Division of Southwest Imports, Office of Enforcement and Import Operations

John Marcello
Special Assistant to the Director
Office of State Cooperative Programs (OSCP)

Diane McDaniel
Consumer Safety Officer (State Liaison)
Office of Human and Animal Foods Operations (OHAFO)

Gabriel Muñiz
Supervisory Consumer Safety Officer
Office of Medical Products and Tobacco Operations, Tobacco Operations Staff

Michele Obert
Drug Specialist and Pre-Approval Manager
Office of Medical Products and Tobacco Operations (OMPTO)

Clinton Priestley
Consumer Safety Office
Audit Staff, Human and Animal Food Operations

IAmORA - Melinda Ruiz

Melinda Ruiz
Recall Coordinator/Compliance Officer
Office of Medical Device and Radiological Health Division 1/East

Kenny Shade
Debarment Specialist
Division of Enforcement, Office of Strategic Planning and Operational Policy, Office of Partnership and Operational Policy

Eugene Song
Program Analyst
Office of Regulatory Science

Nilda Villegas
Public Affairs Specialist
Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA)

Zerita White, Consumer Safety Officer, ORA/FDA OBIMOW Division II

Zerita White 
Consumer Safety Officer

Follow the campaign using the hashtag #IAmORA 



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