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Centennial Quiz

Take Our FDA Centennial Quiz

1. Who was FDA commissioner in the early 1990s when new food labeling rules required a “Nutrition Facts” box on many foods?

a. Mark McClellan

b. David Kessler

c. Frank Young

2. What drug, marketed in 1937 before safety testing was required, was responsible for the deaths of more than 100 people?


a. Elixir Sulfanilamide

b. Dr. Lindley’s Epilepsy Remedy

c. Liquozone

3. About what drug, first approved in 1960, did an FDA advisory committee once note that “never would so many people take such a potent drug voluntarily over such a long period for a reason other than to cure disease”?

a. extra-strength pain relievers

b. long-acting cough syrup

c. birth control pill

4. In what decade were amendments passed to food and drug law that made FDA responsible for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of medical devices?

a. 1950s

b. 1960s

c. 1970s

5. Amendments to food and drug law in 1960 required manufacturers to establish the safety of what kind of additives to foods, drugs, and cosmetics?

a. color

b. preservatives

c. emulsifiers

6. In 1985, FDA approved the first test aimed at protecting blood recipients from infection by what virus?

a. hepatitis C


c. West Nile

7. Who was the crusading chemist who was later credited as the "father" of the 1906 Pure Food and Drugs Act for his staunch advocacy of passage of a federal law governing interstate shipment of food and drug products?

a. Charles A. Browne

b. Carl L. Alsberg

c. Harvey W. Wiley

8. Laetrile, determined to be ineffective and possibly deadly, was promoted in the 1970s and 1980s as a cure for what disease?

a. cancer

b. tuberculosis

c. diabetes

9. In 2003, FDA established a working group to develop an action plan for dealing with what national public health problem?


a. counterfeit drugs

b. obesity

c. "mad cow disease"

10. The Bureau of Chemistry, an early version of what later became FDA, was a part of what federal department?

a. Agriculture

b. Labor

c. Treasury

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