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FDA Withdraws Outdated Compliance Policy Guides Related to Animal Food and Drugs

February 20, 2020

In its continued commitment to clarify and streamline regulatory policy, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine today withdrew 27 Compliance Policy Guides (CPGs) pertaining to a variety of animal food and drug-related issues. The CPGs were withdrawn, in most cases, because they were obsolete (in conflict with, or not reflective of FDA’s current thinking) or replaced by more recent agency policies.

For example, several of the withdrawn CPGs are no longer needed because they are superseded by the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act requirements for current good manufacturing practices and risk-based preventive controls for animal food. FDA has also determined that the topics of many of the withdrawn CPGs are already addressed by relevant existing sections of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

The CPGs FDA withdrew today: 

  • CPG 605.100 Use of Statements Regarding NADA Approval by FDA in Labeling and Advertising of New Animal Drugs
  • CPG 608.300 Lay Use of *Animal Capture and Euthanasia* Drugs
  • CPG 608.500 Illegal Sales of Veterinary Prescription Drugs Direct Reference Authority for *Warning* Letter Issuance
  • CPG 625.300 Unapproved New Animal Drugs - Follow-up Action to Approved Warning Letter - Direct Reference Seizure Authority
  • CPG 625.400 Reconditioning of New Animal Drugs Seized Under Section 501 (a)(5)
  • CPG 625.500 Failure to Register and/or Drug List
  • CPG 634.100 Drugs Packaged for Infusion or Injection of Food-Producing Animals
  • CPG 637.100 Plastic Containers for Injectable Animal Drugs
  • CPG 640.100 Anthelmintics
  • CPG 641.100 *Products for Control of Fleas and Ticks* Containing a Pesticide
  • CPG 643.100 Oral Iron Products for Baby Pigs
  • CPG 645.100 Biological Drugs for Animal Use
  • CPG 654.100 Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) for Animal Use
  • CPG 654.300 Chloramphenicol as an Unapproved New Animal Drug - Direct Reference Seizure Authority
  • CPG 655.200 Adequate Directions for Use - Animal Drugs & Veterinary Devices
  • CPG 655.300 Barking Dog Collar
  • CPG 655.400 The Status of Syringes and Needles for Animal Use
  • CPG 660.100 Failure to Register (See 625.000)
  • CPG 670.200 Status of Vitamins and Minerals in Type B and C Medicated Feed and in Non-Medicated Feed
  • CPG 680.200 CGMP Regulations for Medicated Feeds - Daily Inventory Requirements
  • CPG 681.100 Order for Post-Approval Record Reviews (See 470.100)
  • CPG 682.100 Use of Drug-Contaminated Products in Animal Feed
  • CPG 682.200 The Use of Antibiotic Drug Residue By-Products in Animal Feed 
  • CPG 690.100 Nutritional Supplements for Companion Animals
  • CPG 690.200 Pet Food Labeling
  • CPG 690.400 Water and Gravy in Pet Food
  • CPG 690.600 Rodent Contaminated Pet Foods - *Direct Reference Seizure Authority*

For more information, see FDA’s Withdrawn Guidance webpage.

Issued by FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine.
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