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¡Nunca Más! Novela Characters

Characters from the Nunca Mas Novela Series

The ¡Nunca Más! Novela Series consists of 4 dramatic stories that follow the lives of the main character Lourdes and her extended family. In each episode, the family faces problems caused by medication misuse. Before you watch the videos, find out more about Lourdes’ family.


Lourdes - A 50-year old wife and mother. She works at an insurance company, but enjoys spending her free time volunteering at her church. She has high blood pressure. She is disorganized and is known for carrying a big purse filled with food, magazines, medicines, and more.

Sonia - Lourdes’ best friend and co-worker. She is a widow who enjoys cooking and dancing. She is a former beauty queen with a fun-loving personality.

Miguel - Lourdes’ husband. He is a former factory worker who is now retired on disability. He enjoys caring for his family and working in his garden.

Michelle - Daughter of Lourdes and Miguel. She goes to a local college where she is studying to be a biologist. Smart and caring, she often comes home to help her parents.

Eugenio - Michelle’s handsome novio. He is studying business in college so that he can take over his father’s car dealerships. He plays on his school’s soccer team.

Jorge - The trusted neighborhood pharmacist. He works closely with his customers to help them understand how to use their medicines.

The ¡Nunca Más! Novela Health Series was developed by the FDA Office of Women’s Health to educate Hispanic women and their families about safe medication use.

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