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¡Nunca Más! Novelas Teach Medication Safety Tips

Medicines can help improve your health. Medicines can also make you sick if you do not use them correctly. The ¡Nunca Más! novelas show they dangers of medication misuse. The novelas also highlight four easy steps women can take to use medicines wisely.

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4 Tips for You and Your Family

  • Keep a Record - Make a list of the medicines you take. Include prescriptions, aspirin, vitamins, herbs, and other supplements.
  • Ask Questions - Talk to your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist about your medicines.
  • Read the Label - Know the name of the medicine, why you take it, how much you take, and when.
  • Avoid Problems - Do not share your prescriptions. Use your medicines as directed.

Teach others. Share the ¡Nunca Más! videos and other free resources.

Help teach the women in your community about safe medication use. Help others avoid the problems that come when they do not use medicines safely. Follow these three simple steps to plan your ¡Nunca Más! activity.

  1. PLAN - Use the ¡Nunca Más! how-to-guide to help you plan your activity. Activities can be held in a variety of settings like a club meeting, language class, potluck dinner, movie night, diabetes group or other health class. Contact local health clinics and organizations that may be able to help with speakers or other resources.
  2. SHOW - Go to the FDA YouTube Channel to download the videos on your computer, website or Facebook page. Hold a viewing party or other activity where participants can have fun and watch the videos.
  3. DISCUSS - Use the free FDA materials to help your group discuss the videos and medication safety tips. Give each participant a My Medicines/ Mis Medicinas record keeper to help her keep track of her medicines.

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