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Nunca Más Videos

The ¡Nunca Más! video novelas follow the experiences of Lourdes and her extended family: Miguel - her husband, Michelle - her daughter, Eugenio - Michelle’s boyfriend, and Sonia - Lourdes’ best friend. In each of the four episodes, the family faces a new problem. See for yourself. Watch each episode and share them with the women in your community.

(The video has subtitles in English or Spanish. After you start the video, you can change the language by clicking on the button that says "cc" at the bottom of the screen.)


Episode 1:
Lourdes loses the prescription for her high blood pressure medicine. Her friend Sonia thinks she has a way to help. Does Lourdes put her life in danger?


Episode 2:
Eugenio tells Michelle about the pain medicine the doctor gave him for his leg. Will peer pressure convince him to ignore the medicine instructions so he can have fun at the party?


Episode 3:
Michelle and her father struggle to hold the family together. Will Lourdes and Eugenio recover? Did Eugenio break his promise to Michelle?


Episode 4:
What have Lourdes and her family learned from their mistakes? What does the pharmacist give Lourdes to help her keep track of her medicines?


Episodes 1-4 Combined:


The ¡Nunca Más! Novela Health Series was developed by the FDA Office of Women's Health to educate Hispanic women and their families about the importance of safe medication use. To embed the videos on your website, go to the FDA YouTube Channel  and click the button under the video that says "Share".

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