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Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverages

November 17, 2010

FDA warned four companies that the caffeine added to their alcoholic malt beverages is an "unsafe food additive" and said that further action, including seizure of their products, is possible under federal law.

The four manufacturers and their products are:

three drink cans: Green HG Core High Gravity, Orange HG Core High Gravity, Lemon Lime Core SpikedCharge Beverages Corporation, which makes "Core High Gravity HG Green," "Core High Gravity HG Orange," and "Lemon Lime Core Spiked"*

a bottle of MoonshotNew Century Brewing Company, LLC, which makes "Moonshot"*

six drink cans of Four Loko in various colorsPhusion Projects, LLC (doing business as Drink Four Brewing Company), which makes "Four Loko"*

fourteen drink cans in various colors showing Joose and Max productsUnited Brands, which makes "Joose" and "Max"*


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