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Nutrition Education Resources & Materials

Resources on the importance of good nutrition

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New and Improved Nutrition Facts Label

The New Nutrition Facts Label: What's in it for you?

The new Nutrition Facts label reflects updated scientific information, including the link between diet and chronic diseases such as obesity and heart disease. The new label will make it easier for you and your audience to make more informed food choices.

Learn about What’s New with the Nutrition Facts Label, including details on: Calories, Serving Sizes, Added Sugars, and Percent Daily Value.

Industry members, read more about the changes to the Nutrition Facts label requirements.

More on the New Nutrition Facts Label

How to Understand and Use the Nutrition Facts Label
Learn how to use this information more effectively and easily.

Interactive Nutrition Facts Label
An interactive way to learn about the label is now available. Visit the Nutrition Facts label Online and discover a wealth of information.

How to Understand the Nutrition Facts Label
Nutrition Facts Interactive Label

For Educators

Health Educator’s Nutrition Toolkit
Teach your audience how to use the new Nutrition Facts label and make informed choices.

"Behind the Label” with FDA Information for Educators
View this video for health educators that explains the changes to the Nutrition Facts label.

Health Educator's Nutrition Toolkit
Behind the Label

For Youth & Youth Educators

Read the Label
Use these hands-on materials to challenge kids and families to look for and use the Nutrition Facts label.

Science and Our Food Supply | Curriculum for Middle/High School Teachers
Introduce students to the fundamentals of informed food choices with this nutrition-based curriculum.

Whyville Snack Shack Games
Kids can play two fun games that test their knowledge about using the Nutrition Facts label to make healthy snack choices.

Read the Label
Science and Our Food Supply
Snack Shack Game

For Older Adults

A How-To Guide for Older Adults
Good nutrition can help older adults feel their best and stay strong. It can also help you lower your risk of developing some health conditions that are common among older adults.

Nutrition Guide for Older Adults

For Physicians & Healthcare Professionals

Physicians' Continuing Medical Education Program
Resources for talking to patients about using the Nutrition Facts label to make healthy food choices.

Pediatricians' Continuing Medical Education Program
Resources for talking to parents and patients about using the Nutrition Facts label to make healthy food choices.

Continuing Medical Education
Continuing Medical Education Program for Pediatricians

More on Labeling

Gluten-Free Labeling
Learn how gluten-free labeling can help your audience manage health and dietary intake — especially those with celiac disease.

Calories on the Menu | Menu Labeling Information
Find out how calorie labeling on menus can help your community make informed and healthful decisions about meals and snacks.

Sodium | Look at the Label
Learn the basics on sodium’s health effects, how-to’s for using the Nutrition Facts label to reduce sodium intake, and more.

Reading Gluten Free Labeling
Look for Calorie and Nutrition Information on Menu Boards
Sodium: Look at the Label

CFSAN Education Resource Library

FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) has a wealth of nutrition education materials.

Consumers, educators, teachers, dietitians, and health professionals are invited to explore CFSAN’s Education Resource Library – a catalog of downloadable and printable materials and videos on nutrition (including labeling and dietary supplements), food safety, and cosmetics.

CFSAN Education Resource Library

CFSAN Education Resource Library

Make Healthy Choices Using the Nutrition Facts Label

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