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GenomeTrakr Video Library

FDA’s GenomeTrakr is a whole genome sequencing network and open-source genome sequence database of foodborne pathogens that is greatly enhancing the traceability of bacterial foodborne contamination in the nation's food supply. The GenomeTrakr video library contains video overviews of the GenomeTrakr program and training videos that show how whole genome sequencing is performed.

Videos on this page:

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GenomeTrakr Revealed

GenomeTrakr: Pushing Back the Frontiers of Outbreak Response

GenomeTrakr: Transforming Food Safety

Whole Genome Sequencing for Infectious Disease Outbreaks

What Information Does a Genome Provide?


What is Whole Genome Sequencing?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Whole Genome Sequencing

Part 1: DNA Extraction

Part 2: DNA Quantification and Dilution 

Part 3: DNA Library Preparation

Part 4: Library Pooling and Sequencer Loading 



GalaxyTrakr is an open source, bioinformatics tool that can be used to assist in the analysis of genomic data from foodborne pathogens.  An instance of the program is available for use by food safety public health researchers.

GalaxyTrakr – Overview

GalaxyTrakr – Interface Training

GalaxyTrakr – SeqSero Training

GalaxyTrakr – SNP Pipeline Training

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