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Partnerships and Collaboration

To fulfill its mission to monitor and ensure the safety of the supply chain for food, feed, medical products, cosmetics, and tobacco products that enter the United States from other parts of the world, the FDA engages in partnerships with foreign governments, regulatory coalitions, development organizations, academic institutions, among others.

FDA's International Partnership Focus Areas

Strong regulatory systems are critical to any well-functioning health system. The FDA is focused on three interrelated areas in support of RSS:

  • catalyzing a global dialogue on the importance of regulatory systems to public health;
  • collaborating with others to identify effective approaches to strengthen systems; and
  • leveraging global health and development resources.

We engage with a variety of partners in the area of RSS, including:

The FDA advocates for stronger safety surveillance systems globally, including drug and vaccine safety systems, as well as systems to detect substandard and falsified products. The Office of International Programs works closely with key FDA Centers to advance thinking in these areas where appropriate:

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