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CDRH Organ Dose Handbooks

CDRH organ dose handbooks contain reference values of radiation doses absorbed in tissues of patients undergoing representative diagnostic radiological examinations and interventional procedures. Tabulated dose values are normalized to the skin-entrance x-ray exposure (free-in-air), and they are generally derived from computer simulations of radiation transport in mathematical, anthropomorphic phantoms corresponding to average-size patients. Estimations of absorbed doses can be used to foster risk communication between medical physicists, radiologic technologists, radiologists, and patients. When tracked over time in a quality-assurance program, patient dose values are effective indicators of consistency, variability, or anomaly in the safety of radiation associated with clinical practice.

For additional information, please contact Stanley H. Stern, Ph.D., Health Physicist, Radiation Programs Branch, Division of Mammography Quality and Radiation Programs, Office of Health and Industry Programs, CDRH, via telephone, 240-276-3319, or e-mail, [email protected]

Some of these documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF) Information on how to obtain the PDF document reader is available.


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