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Chief Scientist Publication Award to a Junior Scientist 2015--Present

The Chief Scientist Publication Awards are given for the best manuscript reporting of original research.  Publications in this category report on a new or refined laboratory or non-laboratory method and/or a new, innovative, or otherwise exceptional study design or analysis that addresses a regulatory challenge. 


Journal of Medical Imaging
For publication of a novel in silico method for augmenting artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm training data for improved performance and robustness.

Kenny Cha, PhD (CDRH)


McWilliams et al. show that vaccine pseudo-virus rVSVdeltaG-EBOV-GP infects mouse neurons of the eyes and brains, demonstrating potential neurotropism of candidate Ebola vaccine.

Ian Lee McWilliams, PhD


For publication of a paper describing a multimodal adaptive optics system capable of cellular level visualization across all layers of the retina.

Zhuolin Liu, PhD


Dr. Efe Eworuke is nominated for the Chief Scientist Publication Award to a Junior Scientist for her work in evaluating the effectiveness of a boxed warning for increased risk of bone loss during depo-medroxyprogesterone acetate therapy.


Efe Eworuke, R.Ph. PhD


For publication of a novel and rapid method for predicting osteo-genic biological activity of multi-potent stromal cells.

Ross A. Marklein, PhD

Tracing Origins of the Salmonella Bareilly Strain Causing a Food-borne Outbreak in the United States.

Maria Hoffmann, PhD (visiting Scientist)

For groundbreaking advances in predictive accuracy of diffusion of leachables in a polymeric device material at physiological temperature using atomistic molecular dynamics simulation.

Chris Forrey, PhD, CDRH, First Author
David M. Saylor, PhD, CDRH
Joshua Silverstein, PhD, CDRH
Jack Douglas, PhD, NIST
Eric Davis, PhD, Drexel University
Yossef Elabd, PhD, Drexel University



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