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CERSI Research Impact Metrics Alternate Text

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CERSI Research Impact Metrics*

FDA uses the following metrics to assess the impact of CERSI research projects. Any updates will be provided on this webpage.

Advancing Regulatory Science

  • Alignment with FDA regulatory science priority(s)
  • Enhancement of FDA resources/ expertise/ capacity
  • Facilitation of strategic relationships with expert groups and stakeholders (e.g., patients, industry, professional societies, healthcare providers)
  • Building FDA preparedness for rapid response to health emergencies and new developments in emerging regulatory science through strategic science alliances

Disseminating Scientific Knowledge

  • Scientific publications/ citations in literature
  • Presentations at conferences/ meetings/ FDA Advisory Committee meetings
  • Incorporation into training/ education curriculum
  • Media coverage
  • Data Sharing with public

Catalyzing Action

  • Adoption/ adaptation of findings by stakeholders/ use of findings in advocacy
  • Technology transfer to stakeholders
  • Subject of professional society meeting
  • Catalyst for future research
  • Improvements in consumer understanding
  • Adoption for use into medical practice

Informing Regulatory Decision-Making


Development or change in:

  • Reference materials/ standards
  • Surveillance strategies
  • Guidelines/ Guidance
  • Regulations
  • Compliance/ enforcement strategies
  • Inspection/ sampling strategies
  • External communication strategies
  • Labeling
  • Agency Policy

* Increasing impact on Public Health from left to right

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