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Database of Pharmacogenomic Information in Ethnic Minority Populations (dbPGxEMP)

Integrative database linking drugs, pharmacogenomic biomarkers, and genetic variations in minority populations


Differences in genes can make someone more or less likely to benefit from a drug, suffer side effects, or require a dose that is different from other people. Such pharmacogenomic (PGx) information can be used to improve the medical decision-making process and minimize severe adverse drug reactions. This database was developed to connect drugs and PGx biomarkers from drug labeling with allele frequencies of related genetic variations in different ethnic minority populations.

The Database of Pharmacogenomic Information in Ethnic Minority Populations (dbPGxEMP) includes information on nonsynonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that cause frameshift, missense, or nonsense only. In the current database version (version 1.0), 42 drugs, 16 PGx biomarkers, and 67 SNPs with allele frequency information are included. Oncology drugs and their related biomarkers are excluded from this database. dbPGxEMP will be updated quarterly.

Download the dbPGxEMP zip file (127.85 KB)

(version 1 updated on 12/01/2020)
  • Note: Running dbPGxEMP requires Microsoft Access installed. 
  • Please contact [email protected] if you need assistance with accessing any documents contained inside the zip file. 



Li D., Xie A. H., Liu Z., Li D., Ning B., Thakkar S., Tong W., and Xu J. "Linking Pharmacogenomic Information on Drug Safety and Efficacy with Ethnic Minority Populations." Pharmaceutics 12, 2020.


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