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Standardized Grass Pollen Allergenic Extracts

STN: 101836-101843
Proper Name: Standardized Grass Pollen Allergenic Extracts

  • Standardized Bermuda Grass Pollen (Cynodon dactylon)
  • Standardized Kentucky Blue (June) Grass Pollen (Poa pratensis)
  • Standardized Meadow Fescue Grass Pollen (Festuca elatior)
  • Standardized Orchard Grass Pollen (Dactylis glomerata)
  • Standardized Perennial Rye Grass Pollen (Lolium perenne)
  • Standardized Redtop Grass Pollen (Agrostis alba)
  • Standardized Sweet Vernal Grass Pollen (Anthoxanthum odoratum)

Tradename: None
Manufacturer: Greer Laboratories, Inc.

  • Skin test diagnosis of patients with a clinical history of allergy to one or more of the following grass pollens: Bermuda, Kentucky Blue (June), Meadow Fescue, Orchard, Perennial Rye, Redtop, Sweet Vernal, Timothy.
  • Immunotherapy for the reduction of grass pollen-induced allergic symptoms confirmed by positive skin test or by in vitro testing for pollen-specific IgE antibodies for Bermuda grass pollen, Kentucky Blue (June) grass pollen, Meadow Fescue grass pollen, Orchard grass pollen, Perennial Rye grass pollen, Redtop grass pollen, Sweet Vernal grass pollen, or Timothy grass pollen.

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