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  1. Doing Business With FDA

FDA Procurement Policies

FDA procurement activities are governed by the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). These regulations are implemented and supplemented, as necessary, by the Department of Health and Human Services Acquisitions Regulations (HHSAR).

Procurement regulations require that all purchases and contracts shall be made on a competitive basis to the maximum practicable extent.

  1. Solicitation of Bids and Proposals:

    With few exceptions, procurements of $25,000 or more are published on Federal Business Opportunities (FBO). Through this single point of entry, you can search, monitor and retrieve opportunities solicited by FDA as well as the rest of the entire Federal Contracting Community.

  2. Availability of Justification and Approval Documents for Noncompetitive Contracts:

    The FDA understands that competition is the cornerstone of our acquisition system and is a critical tool for achieving the best return on investment possible for our taxpayers. FDA is committed to fostering a competitive acquisition environment. In FY 2016, the FDA competed 91% of its actions, and 94% of FDA dollars were competitively awarded.

    Pursuant to Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 6.305 – Availability of the Justification, FDA publicly posts Justification and Approvals (J&As) for Noncompetitive Awards [aka: Justifications for Other Than Full and Open Competition (JOFOCs)] within 14 days after award; within 30 days after award for all such Justifications authorized on the basis of FAR 6.302-2 – Unusual and compelling urgency. FDA’s J&As for noncompetitive awards may be currently viewed by visiting the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website, and by refining your search by key word.

    A new notice type called "Justification & Approvals (J&As)" is expected to be established within the Opportunities section of FBO on or around April 9, 2009. This will enable the FDA to post a J&A Notice type and have it associated to the notice of award, if applicable. Vendors should then be able to search for and retrieve posted J&A Notices according to specific criteria.

  3. Commodities and Services Purchased by FDA

    The following is a listing of the typical products and services purchased by FDA:

    • Information Technology services, hardware and software.
    • Office furniture, equipment, and supplies
    • Animal feed
    • Bedding and cages
    • Laboratory glassware
    • Chemicals and supplies
    • Pharmaceuticals, drugs, and intravenous solutions
    • Electronic components and supplies
    • Plastic and metal rods, sheets, and tubing
    • X-ray equipment
    • Scientific equipment
    • Laboratory furniture, equipment, and supplies
    • Animals for research (including horses, calves, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, chicks, hens, etc.)
    • Research studies
    • Investigations, surveys
    • Tests and analyses of a scientific or medical nature
    • Examinations, surveys, inspections, and reviews
    • Management evaluations/Consulting Services
    • Conference support
    • Training
    • Construction renovation
    • Construction management projects
    • Architect/engineering support
    • Operation and maintenance of facilities Facilities support (e.g. custodial, trash, guard services)


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