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FDA Small Business and Disadvantaged Opportunities

In consonance with Congressional directives, special effort is made to assure maximum participation by small and disadvantaged businesses in the procurement of materials and services by the Administration. In the furtherance of this principle, FDA often posts Sources Sought announcements on www.fbo.gov to determine the availability and capability of small and disadvantage businesses for particular acquisitions.

In the event a small business firm cannot undertake the performance of a prime contract but could perform a part or component thereof, it may obtain information on subcontracting opportunities directly from FDA prime contractors. Small Businesses are encouraged to look at Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) for acquisitions that offer the potential for substantial subcontracting opportunities.

The Agency has a Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization Specialist available to assist and counsel small business firms for the purpose of promoting small business participation.

The mailing address is:

Small Business Specialist
Attn: Natasha Boyce
Silver Spring, MD 20705

Phone: 301-796-3145
E-mail: [email protected]

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