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The FDA Office of Women’s Health (OWH) has over 40 publications designed to give women timely health information in a clear, easy-to-read format. Download a fact sheet or booklet for yourself. Order free copies for the women in your community. 

The medicine booklets are for women who have these common health conditions. They list FDA-approved products and give vital information such as brand and generic names, general side effects and tips, and questions to ask a health care provider.
These fact sheets provide a general overview of important topics and make perfect handouts for health fairs, waiting rooms and community events.

Fact Sheets and Brochures

Print and Share

Caring for Others: Tips for Medicines and Devices PDF icon 1725 KB
Contact Lens Care PDF icon 182 KB
Cosmetics PDF icon 328 KB
Dietary Supplements PDF icon 2443 KB
Food Safety at Home PDF icon 2.13 MB
Free Women’s Health Information (Bilingual Flyer) PDF icon 1.54 MB
Health Scams PDF icon 1865 KB
Heart Health for Women PDF icon 2805 KB
Women and HIV PDF icon 2370 KB
HPV (human papillomavirus) PDF icon 2350 KB
Mammograms PDF icon3209 KB
Mammography Saves Lives Card PDF icon 1708 KB
Medicine and Pregnancy PDF icon 2287 KB
Menopause and Hormones Common Questions PDF icon 2051 KB
Menopause and Hormones Card PDF icon 1.24 MB
My Medicines Brochure (flowers) PDF icon 6427 KB
My Medicines Brochure (gender neutral) PDF icon1.5 MB
My Medicines - Fill Out and Print (new) PDF icon 1.5 MB
Osteoporosis PDF icon 2098 KB
Pink Ribbon Guide - Mammography Matters  PDF icon 4502 KB
Sleep Problems PDF icon 1456 KB
Tattoos and Permanent Make-up PDF icon 5.5 MB
Use Medicines Wisely PDF icon 2.43 MB
Use Medicines Wisely - Printable/Refreshable braille PDF icon 21 KB
Use Medicines Wisely for women with intellectual disabilities and self-advocates PDF icon 2,451 KB
Uterine Fibroids  PDF icon 482 KB  
Uterine Fibroids: Tips for Young Women Card PDF icon 690KB
Women and Anxiety PDF icon 4,636 KB
Women and Pain Medicines PDF icon 2119 KB
Women in Clinical Trials = HOPE PDF icon 690 KB
Your Glucose Meter PDF icon 2512 KB
5 Steps for Safe Medication Use for College Women (Poster) PDF icon 6833 KB

Resources For You

FDA Office of Women's Health e-Updates

The Office of Women's Health e-Update newsletter highlights women's health initiatives, meetings, and regulatory safety information from FDA.

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