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CDER International Program

The Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) has a mission to ensure the availability of safe and effective medicines to improve the health of people in the United States. Recognizing that pharmaceutical development, manufacturing and marketing is now a global enterprise, with more than half of CDER-regulated products manufactured abroad, CDER must engage with other pharmaceutical regulatory authorities, global industry and other international stakeholder organizations to realize its mission. The CDER International Program helps facilitate engagement with these stakeholders and represents FDA in related international venues.

CDER’s work with foreign stakeholders enables progress in the harmonization of scientific and technical standards and regulatory requirements among regulatory authorities. This regulatory harmonization helps improve efficiency in drug development and registration processes and helps to minimize unnecessary animal studies and duplication of work for the clinical studies needed to meet regulatory requirements for marketing in different regions of the world.

CDER also engages closely with foreign regulatory authorities to share information on regulatory best practices and scientific advances, as well as information about potential and emerging threats to public health. This work is accomplished through CDER’s engagement in various international venues and through bilateral and multilateral engagements coordinated by the CDER International Program.

CDER’s International Program is led by the Associate Director for Strategic Initiatives and the International Program staff is located in CDER’s Office of the Center Director.

Contact Information:

  • Theresa Mullin, PhD
    Associate Director for Strategic Initiatives
  • William Lewallen, FAC-P/PM
    International Program Analyst
  • Tisha Washington
    Project Specialist
  • Jill Adelberg
    ICH Coordinator
  • Brooke Dal Santo
    Public Health Analyst

For more information contact: CDERINTLEXEC@fda.hhs.gov

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