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  1. Facility Certification and Inspection (MQSA)

Residency Letter for Residency Graduates of 2014 or Later

Starting with the medical residency graduating classes of 2014, the American Board of Radiology (ABR) requires each resident to demonstrate proficiency across all of diagnostic radiology by completing a Comprehensive Core Examination after 36 months of residency training. This examination will be followed by a Final Certifying Examination administered 15 months after the resident graduates from the medical residency program. Graduates will no longer have the opportunity to become board certified by the ABR during the medical residency.

In order to immediately begin independent interpretation of mammograms following a residency program, medical residency graduates of 2014 or later must:

  • Have interpreted 240 mammographic examinations under direct supervision within any 6-month period during the last two years of the medical residency. (That is, for newly graduating medical residents, the interpretation of the 240 exams may be during any 6-month period during the last 2 years of the residency program, as opposed to the last six months of the residency program, as was previously required.)
  • Have completed 3 months of formal training in the interpretation of mammograms and in topics related to mammography (including instruction in radiation physics specific to mammography, radiation effects, and radiation protection).
  • Have completed a minimum of 60 category I hours of documented medical education in mammography (including instruction in the interpretation of mammograms, basic breast anatomy, pathology, physiology, technical aspects of mammography, and quality assurance and quality control in mammography), with at least 15 of the category I hours having been acquired within the 3 years immediately prior to the date that the physician qualified as an interpreting physician.

See the Sample Residency Letter Final Regulations.

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