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  1. Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act)

FD&C Act Chapter IX: Tobacco Products

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Subchapter IX - Tobacco Products (sections 387 - 387u)

FD&C Act Section Number Title
Sec. 900 Sec. 387 - Definitions
Sec. 901 Sec. 387a - FDA authority over tobacco products
  Sec. 387a-1 - Final rule
Sec. 902 Sec. 387b - Adulterated tobacco products
Sec. 903 Sec. 387c - Misbranded tobacco products
Sec. 904 Sec. 387d - Submission of health information to the Secretary
Sec. 905 Sec. 387e - Annual registration
Sec. 906 Sec. 387f - General provisions respecting control of tobacco products
  Sec. 387f-1 - Enforcement action plan for advertising and promotion restrictions
Sec. 907 Sec. 387g - Tobacco product standards
Sec. 908 Sec. 387h - Notification and other remedies
Sec. 909 Sec. 387i - Records and reports on tobacco products
Sec. 910 Sec. 387j - Application for review of certain tobacco products
Sec. 911 Sec. 387k - Modified risk tobacco products
Sec. 912 Sec. 387l - Judicial review
Sec. 913 Sec. 387m - Equal treatment of retail outlets
Sec. 914 Sec. 387n - Jurisdiction of and coordination with the Federal Trade Commission
Sec. 915 Sec. 387o - Regulation requirement
Sec. 916 Sec. 387p - Preservation of State and local authority
Sec. 917 Sec. 387q - Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee
Sec. 918 Sec. 387r - Drug products used to treat tobacco dependence
Sec. 919 Sec. 387s - User fees
Sec. 920 Sec. 387t - Labeling, recordkeeping, records inspection
  Sec. 387u - Studies of progress and effectiveness


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