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Toxic Elements in Foods and Foodware

The Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN), in conjunction with the Agency's field staff, is responsible for protecting public health by protecting the food supply. Levels of chemical contaminants in foods and the potential dietary intake of these contaminants are routinely monitored. Toxic elements and radionuclides are among the contaminants of concern; their presence in foods may be the result of past agricultural practices (e.g., use of pesticides containing heavy metals), industrial waste, the use of nuclear weapons, the generation of nuclear power, and the leaching of toxic elements from containers or utensils that come in contact with foods.

This program is designed to monitor products (specifically, foods and certain items that are designed for food use such as glazed ceramicware and silver-plated hollowware) that are most likely to contribute to the dietary intake of toxic elements and radionuclides.

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