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  1. International Cooperation on Food Safety

FDA's Participation in Codex

FDA participates and exercises leadership in the Codex Alimentarius Commission, by working closely with the U.S. Codex Office at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The objective of FDA’s participation in Codex is to develop science-based international food safety, labeling, and other pertinent standards that provide consumer protection, labeling information, and prevention of economic fraud and deception that are consistent with U.S. regulations and laws.

FDA uses procedures that promote consumer protection and transparency, as it works with the U.S. Codex Office to develop U.S. Delegation positions on matters before relevant Codex committees.

FDA Participants in CODEX Committees

CFSAN Codex Program Coordinator
Eric Stevens, Eric.Stevens@fda.hhs.gov

General Subject Committees

Policy & Technical Committees
Contact: Julie Moss, Julie.Moss@fda.hhs.gov

Contaminants in Food
Contact: Lauren Robin, Lauren.Robin@fda.hhs.gov

Food Additives
Contact: Paul Honigfort, Paul.Honigfort@fda.hhs.gov

Food Import & Export Inspection & Certification Systems
Contact: Jennifer Thomas, Jennifer.Thomas@fda.hhs.gov

Food Labeling
Contact: Douglas Balentine, Douglas.Balentine@fda.hhs.gov

Methods of Analysis & Sampling
Contact: Gregory Noonan, Gregory.Noonan@fda.hhs.gov

Nutrition & Foods for Special Dietary Uses
Contact: Douglas Balentine, Douglas.Balentine@fda.hhs.gov

Pesticide Residues
Contact: Charlotte Liang, Charlotte.Liang@fda.hhs.gov

Residues of Veterinary Drugs in Foods
Contact: Brandi Robinson, Brandi.Robinson@fda.hhs.gov

Commodity Committees

Cocoa Products & Chocolate

Cereals, Pulses & Legumes
Contact: Henry Kim, Henry.Kim@fda.hhs.gov

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Contact: David Ingram, David.Ingram@fda.hhs.gov

Fats & Oils
Contact: Paul South, Paul.South@fda.hhs.gov

Fish & Fishery Products

Milk & Milk Products

Natural Mineral Waters

Processed Fruits & Vegetables

Contact: Charlotte Liang, Charlotte.Liang@fda.hhs.gov

Spices & Culinary Herbs
Contact: Aparna Tatavarthy, Aparna.Tatavarthy@fda.hhs.gov

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