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CORE Publications

Complementing the active outbreak response investigation efforts, CORE shares findings from outbreak investigations, incident evaluations, prevention needs, and results from outbreak analyses by publishing articles in scientific journals and other food safety and public health-related periodicals, all with the goal of guiding and supporting preventative measures to reduce the frequency and impact of future outbreaks of human foodborne illnesses.

CORE publications are any published materials that includes at least one CORE co-author at the time the material is being developed or in the process of publishing. CORE-led publications are defined as any published materials where CORE co-author(s) provide a majority of the contribution and bare responsibility for the integrity of the work as a whole from inception to publication/distribution, which is typically reflected with the first and/or senior co-authorship. 

  • CORE-led publications are denoted with asterisk symbol (*)
  • Publications that are available in open-access versions are denoted with a caret symbol (^)




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