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Health Educators

Information on food safety and nutrition education resources and materials

For health educators, FDA offers an array of public health education resources on nutrition and food safety for use in a broad range of communities. These educational resources are provided in a wide range of formats, such as fact sheets, toolkits, infographics, videos, and more. Many of the materials are also tailored for specific audiences, such as teachers and students, the Hispanic community, young adults, pregnant women, and home chefs.

Consumer Food Safety Educator - Tips, tools, and examples to help consumer food safety educators plan, develop, and evaluate their programs and activities

Food Safe Schools Action Guide - A one-stop resource for preventing foodborne illness in the school environment

Food Safety in Your Kitchen - Safe food handling information for home chefs, professional chefs, recipe writers, and food safety educators

Health Educator’s Nutrition Toolkit – Resources to teach consumers how to use the new Nutrition Facts label and make informed choices at the store, at home, and while eating out

Hispanic Community - Bilingual materials addressing food safety issues of concern to the Hispanic Community

Infographics on Nutrition and Food Safety Topics - An easy-to-understand overview of each topic

Nutrition Education – Tools and materials on the Nutrition Facts label, menu labeling, and more

Pregnant Women - Food safety advice for women who may become pregnant, women who are pregnant, nursing mothers, and young children

Teachers and Students - Nutrition and food science curriculum for middle and high school classrooms

Young Adults - Tools for health educators and health care practitioners to engage young adults in safe food practices

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