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Standardization of Retail Food Safety Inspection Personnel

The main goal of a national food safety program is the reduction and prevention of foodborne illness. To that end, FDA provides several pathways, one of which is the Standardization of retail food inspection personnel. This process provides regulatory personnel the opportunity to subject their knowledge and skills related to the Code's provisions to a uniform system of measurement. The process and criteria for demonstrating proficiency in the required performance areas are described in the FDA Procedures for Standardization of Retail Food Safety Inspection Officers.

The procedures are based on the FDA Food Code and are updated to reflect current Food Code provisions and to include a more refined focus on foodborne illness Risk Factors, Food Code Interventions, and application of the Principals of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).

It is critical that food safety personnel become Standardized through this process to ensure that retail foods are safe, unadulterated, and honestly presented at retail throughout the United States. A certificate of standardization as an FDA standardized food safety inspection officer is issued to all Candidates who successfully complete the standardization process.



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