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Requesting a CDER Speaker

Organizations frequently ask CDER employees to give a speech, make a presentation, or participate on a panel, meeting, or webinar related to CDER regulations, policies, and initiatives.

To facilitate these requests CDER requires that an on-line speaker request be completed.

You must attach the following to the speaker request:

  • formal letter of invitation on the organization's letterhead
  • program agenda with all invited speakers and topics (drafts are acceptable)

To allow adequate time for review, decision making, and travel preparations, organizations should submit the speaker request three to four months in advance of an event held in the United States. For international events, the organization should submit the speaker request four to six months in advance.

To submit a speaker request for an event that includes multiple centers within the Agency, see Requesting Cross-agency Speakers from FDA. For information about requesting speakers from another FDA center click here Frequently Asked Questions.

Internet Explorer (IE) is the only officially supported browser for FDA websites. Other browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) have not been verified and may prevent successful form submissions.


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