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  1. Jobs at the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research

Pharmacist Jobs in CDER


Description of Duties

  • Provide advisory, regulatory, scientific and clinical guidance for information related to drugs, new drug approvals, and the applicable laws and regulations
  • Review, evaluate and recommend approval (or non-approval) of generic drug products
  • Respond to inquiries on human drug matters from the public, media, and public interest groups
  • Evaluate the impact of drug products on clinical practice and public health
  • Develop and implement procedures for post-marketing surveillance and for the processing and evaluation adverse drug product reaction reports


  • A four-year bachelor's degree in pharmacy recognized by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education.
  • License to practice pharmacy in a State, territory of the United States, or the District of Columbia, except for research positions that do not entail patient care.
  • Ability to distinguish basic colors.

To qualify for positions above entrance level (GS-7), candidates must have professional pharmacy experience or directly related advanced education. The experience or education required depends on the grade level and specific duties of the position.

Grade (Salary) Level

Federal General Schedule (GS) grade levels at which pharmacist positions are commonly filled are:

  • GS-13 at the headquarters and field levels

Note: Higher-grade levels in both headquarters and field offices are available based on peer review of individual accomplishments or supervisory responsibilities.

Geographical Locations

Pharmacists are located at HQ (suburban Washington, D.C.) and in facilities throughout the U.S. 


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