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Office of Editorial and Creative Services

  • Oversees the agency's communications to ensure quality and consistency.
  • Plans, develops, and implements agency-wide multi-media communications strategies for disseminating educational materials to the public.
  • Acts as the agency's liaison with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for prepublication clearance of publications, exhibits, and audiovisual materials in accordance with procedures established by the agency, PHS, HHS, OMB, and the White House.
  • Manages and disseminates the agency’s FDA Voices articles, which provide stakeholders with thoughtful insights and perspectives on a variety of topics and issues from experts and leaders across the FDA.
  • Creates and disseminates the agency's flagship consumer health information, which includes timely and easy-to-read Consumer Update articles, videos and graphics containing the latest on FDA-regulated products and practical wellness and prevention information to empower consumers. Manages the “For Consumers” section of the FDA website.
  • Supports FDA's internal communications for employees, including the content and visual strategies for the agency's internal website; creates and coordinates agency-wide content for reaching employees using a broad range of communications vehicles.
  • Drafts speeches, remarks, talking points and presentations for the Commissioner and senior leaders. Advises the Commissioner and other senior FDA executives on strategies to communicate messages about FDA's public health priorities and initiatives.
  • Creates graphics to accompany a range of communications (e.g. social media, Consumer Updates, Voices articles) in order to more effectively engage external audiences.
  • Manages the agency’s Flickr photo stream.

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