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Office of Media Affairs

  • Advises and assists the Commissioner of Food and Drugs and other key FDA officials on all news media activities; serves as a liaison with the Public Health Service and the DHHS on news media activities.
  • Serves as the Agency focal point for preparing, clearing and disseminating press announcements and other statements for the news media on Agency activities as well as arranging and facilitating press conferences, media briefings, media availabilities, interviews and other news events.
  • Establishes policy for and responds to news media inquiries with timely and accurate information; coordinates and maintains liaison with news media covering FDA activities.
  • Facilitates news media interviews with senior agency officials and provides guidance and appropriate training to interview subjects on advisable conduct during news media contacts.
  • Analyzes media coverage, conducts assessments and evaluations of media relations tactics to ensure objectives were met and identifies areas for improvement.
  • Plans, develops, and implements Agency-wide multi-media communications strategies for disseminating regulatory and educational materials to the public through the news media in support of the agency’s top priorities and initiatives.
  • Provides important daily newsclips about the Agency to FDA employees.
  • Delegates Freedom of Information denial authority to FOI office for the Agency.
  • Establishes, manages, and monitors the implementation of Agency standards for social media. Provides direction and strategic planning assistance related to social media.

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