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  1. BeSafeRx: Your Source for Online Pharmacy Information

About BeSafeRx

Doctor Holding a Bottle of Medication While Using a Computer

FDA’s BesafeRx Campaign

“BeSafeRx: Your Source for Online Pharmacy Information” is a national campaign to educate consumers and health care professionals about the potential dangers of buying medicine from online pharmacies. The BeSafeRx campaign helps educate consumers about how to buy medicines online safely.

Helpful Information for Consumers and Health Care Professionals

BeSafeRx provides important information to consumers and health care profession-als about purchasing medicine safely online. While cost and convenience are key fac-tors for many consumers when purchasing medicine from online pharmacies, con-sumers and health care professionals need to be aware of potential safety and health risks. BeSafeRx can also help health care professionals have conversations with con-sumers about the risks of buying medicines online.

Learn the Signs of Safe Online Pharmacies

Medicine that is approved for use in the United States has been reviewed for safety, effectiveness and quality by FDA. However, there are websites that look like pharmacies but may be unlicensed and unsafe. BeSafeRx encourages consumers to protect their health by taking several safety steps including:

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Buying prescription medicines only from state-licensed online pharmacies

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Talking to their doctor about any prescription medicines purchased online

BeSafeRx includes:

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