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Food Defense Tools & Educational Materials

FDA issued a final rule on Mitigation Strategies to Protect Food Against Intentional Adulteration in May 2016. The agency intends to update its tools and educational materials to align with the relevant provisions of the final rule.


Food Defense Plan Builder
The Food Defense Plan Builder (FDPB) version 2.0 is a user-friendly tool designed to help owners and operators of a food facility in the development of a food defense plan that is specific to their facility and may assist them with meeting the requirements of the Mitigation Strategies to Prevent Food Against Intentional Adulteration regulation (21 CFR Part 121) (IA rule). 

Mitigation Strategies Database
This new database is one of several tools developed by the FDA for the food industry to help protect our nation’s food supply from deliberate acts of contamination or tampering. It provides a range of preventive measures that companies may choose to implement to better protect their facility, personnel, products, and operations.

The Food Related Emergency Exercise Bundle (FREE-B) is a compilation of scenarios based on both intentional and unintentional food contamination events. 

National Agriculture and Food Defense Strategy (NAFDS) and FSMA WebApp
The NAFDS details specific food and agriculture defense goals, objectives, key initiatives, and activities that FDA, USDA, DHS, and other stakeholders plan to accomplish to meet the objectives outlined within FSMA. The FSMA WebApp is a tool that will be used to evaluate and monitor progress and determine whether any modifications are needed. 

Education Resources

Intentional Adulteration Rule

Food Defense 101 - Front-line Employee
The food industry plays an integral part in protecting the nation’s food infrastructure. Food Defense 101 – Front-line Employee provides training in preparedness against an intentional attack against our food supply. The course provides the Front-line Employee with simple procedures to follow in food defense.  

Employees FIRST
Employees FIRST is an FDA initiative that food industry managers can include in their ongoing employee food defense training programs. Employees FIRST educates front-line food industry workers from farm to table about the risk of intentional food contamination and the actions they can take to identify and reduce these risks. 



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