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Inventory of Food Contact Substances Listed in 21 CFR

This database contains an inventory of substances authorized in Title 21 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR) for uses in contact with foods. The database contains information on the substance identity and listed FDA regulations for the specific intended uses and use conditions authorized. The listing  includes Food Contact Substances (FCSs) including indirect food additives listed under 21 CFR Parts 175-178, 179.45, and 180.22 as well as secondary direct additives listed in 21 CFR 173, prior-sanctioned food ingredients listed in 21 CFR 181, and substances affirmed as generally recognized as safe listed in 21 CFR 186. 1

The inventory also contains information on substances listed in 21 CFR 189 that are prohibited from use as food contact substances.

In addition to ingredients authorized and listed in 21 CFR, FDA maintains separate inventories for premarket authorizations for food contact substances issued under the Food Contact Substance Notification (FCN) and Threshold of Regulation Exemptions (TOR) programs.

For further details to help determine the regulatory status of substances used in food contact applications, visit “Determining the Regulatory Status of Components of a Food Contact Material.”

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1 The inventory does not include substances affirmed as generally recognized as safe for direct addition to food listed in 21 CFR 184. These are listed in the Substances Added to Food (formerly EAFUS) database.

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