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Outbreaks of Foodborne Illness

When two or more people get the same illness from the same contaminated food or drink, the event is called a foodborne illness outbreak.

FDA investigates outbreaks to control them, so more people do not get sick in the outbreak, and to learn how to prevent similar outbreaks from happening in the future.

FDA’s Coordinated Outbreak Response and Evaluation (CORE) Network was created to manage not just outbreak response, but surveillance and post-response activities related to incidents involving multiple illnesses linked to FDA-regulated human food, dietary supplements, and cosmetic products. Learn how outbreaks are investigated.

Note: Not all recalls, alerts, and advisories result in an outbreak of foodborne illness. Check recent Food Recalls and Safety Alerts.


Outbreak Investigations are managed by FDA’s CORE Response Teams. The investigations are in a variety of stages, meaning that some outbreaks have limited information, and others may be near completion.


Public health advisories are issued for outbreak investigations that have resulted in specific, actionable steps for consumers to take to protect themselves.

Protect Yourself from Foodborne Illness

Find information about buying, storing, and serving safe food. Learn more about preventing foodborne illness for those at higher risk including older adults, pregnant women, diabetics, and others.

Who to Contact

Consumers who have symptoms of foodborne illness should contact their health care provider to report their symptoms and receive care.

To report a complaint or adverse event (illness or serious allergic reaction), you have three choices:

Visit www.fda.gov/fcic for additional consumer and industry assistance.

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