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  1. Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act)

FD&C Act Chapter X: Miscellaneous

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Subchapter X - Miscellaneous (sections 391 - 399f)

FD&C Act Section NumberTitle
Sec. 1001Sec. 391 - Separability clause
Sec. 1002Sec. 392 - Exemption of meats and meat food products
Sec. 1003Sec. 393 - Food and Drug Administration
Sec. 1003aSec. 393a - Office of Pediatric Therapeutics
Sec. 1004Sec. 394 - Scientific review groups
Sec. 1005Sec. 395 - Loan repayment program
Sec. 1006Sec. 396 - Practice of medicine
Sec. 1007Sec. 397 - Contracts for expert review
Sec. 1008Sec. 398 - Notices to States regarding imported food
Sec. 1009Sec. 399 - Grants to enhance food safety
Sec. 1010Sec. 399a - Office of the Chief Scientist
Sec. 1011Sec. 399b - Office of Women's Health
Sec. 1012Sec. 399c - Improving the training of State, local, territorial, and tribal food safety officials
Sec. 1013Sec. 399d - Employee protections
 Sec. 399e - Nanotechnology
 Sec. 399f - Ensuring adequate information regarding pharmaceuticals for all populations, particularly underrepresented subpopulations, including racial subgroups


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