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ORA On The Frontlines: Gonzalo Zendajas

Gonzalo Zendejas, Microbiologist, Office of Regulatory Science

Gonzalo Zendajas

My job as an analyst at the FDA involves analyzing food, environmental samples and cosmetics for the detection of pathologenic bacteria viruses such as Hepatitis and norovirus, parasites such as Cyclospora, and undeclared allergens. My role as it relates to the FDA’s mission in support of COVID-19 involves ensuring the continuity of these lines of work because leaving pathogenic microorganisms unchecked will only increase the distress of the public’s health system during a pandemic.

Gonzalo Zendajas quote

I hope that we can respond to troubling times like this with greater patience and that public entities like the FDA can share vast knowledge and practices to prepare the public to respond appropriately and remain safe. I hope that technology will help increase our efficiency in responding to any health emergency and maintaining critical services. I believe that nonscientific and scientific efforts that improve a process or a discovery that protect the public are actions that exemplify human compassion and connection. These actions have the capacity to spread and multiply acts of compassion and care creating the best chance a society has to succeed under any stressful conditions.

My name is Gonzalo Zendejas and #IAmORA on the frontlines.

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