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Nanotechnology: Over a Decade of Progress and Innovation at FDA
Presented by Anil Patri, Ph.D.

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Nanotechnology Research at NCTR

Nanotechnology, the manipulation of material at dimensions between 1 and 100 nm (0.001 to 0.1 micrometer), is a challenging scientific area where specific tools are needed to characterize and detect the nanoscale materials. Many conventional detection methods do not allow scientists to analyze or confirm the size and properties of these materials in FDA-regulated products. Recent advances have allowed scientists the ability to visualize, manipulate, and control matter of this size. The FDA has already reviewed and approved some nanotechnology-based products, and expects a significant increase in the use of nanoscale materials in drugs, devices, biologics, cosmetics, and food. Through the National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR)/Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) Nanotechnology Core Facility, NCTR and Arkansas Laboratory (ARKL) are working together to translate the methodologies to detect nanoscale materials in toxicological studies to the detection of nanoscale materials in biological samples of FDA-regulated products.

The facility is located at the FDA’s Jefferson Arkansas Laboratories with a goal to meet the needs of NCTR, an FDA research center that conducts toxicological studies to understand the toxicity and biological impact of nanoscale materials in animal systems, and ORA/ARKL, a regulatory FDA Center that monitors nanoscale materials in FDA-regulated products. The NCTR/ORA Nanotechnology Core Facility supports nanotechnology toxicity studies, develops analytical tools to quantify nanomaterials in complex matrices, and develops procedures for characterizing namomaterials in FDA-regulated products.

Nanotechnology Resources

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