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Public Conduct During FDA Advisory Committee Meetings

The FDA would like to ensure that advisory committee meetings proceed in an orderly fashion, are conducted in a safe and secure environment, that the right of free speech is protected, and that the ability of FDA Advisory Committees and Panels to accomplish their objectives is not disrupted. Therefore, the following procedures will be followed:

  • An interested person who wishes to be assured of the right to make an oral presentation during the Open Public Hearing portion of an advisory committee meeting should register with FDA before the meeting. See 21 CFR 14.29(b). Those who have not registered before the meeting will only be invited to speak at the discretion of the Chair, and should submit their request to FDA officials at the registration desk on the day of the meeting.
  • Open Public Hearing participants who are designated to speak may be questioned only by the Chair or other members of the Committee.
  • Audience members may not present comments or questions to the Committee unless recognized by the Chair.
  • Attendees may be subject to security screening, such as presenting identification, passing through metal detectors, and inspection of briefcases, packages, etc.
  • Attendees at the meeting are asked to maintain order and not display behavior that is disruptive to the meeting (i.e., shouting from the audience, loud outbursts).
  • The committee Chair or Designated Federal Officer will note on the record any disruptive behavior and will ask the person to cease the behavior or else leave the meeting room.
  • We ask that attendees not approach the advisory committee table area before, during, or after the meeting without permission from a Designated Federal Officer/Executive Secretary.
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