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  1. Drug Master Files (DMFs)

Drug Master File (DMF) Templates

The following templates recommend elements to include in certain DMF submissions:

In these letters, list the submission type and, if applicable, the amendment type as laid out below:

DMF Submission and Amendment Types

Submission Type

Amendment Type

Original (New)


Administrative Amendment

  • Change of Agent/Address/Contact Person
  • Change of Holder/Address/Contact Person
  • Change of DMF Subject (Title)
  • Change of DMF Type
  • Agent Appointment

Annual Report


Letter of Authorization


Withdrawal of Letter of Authorization



  • Meeting Package
  • Meeting Request

Quality Amendment

  • Controls Information
  • Facility Information
  • Formulation Information
  • Manufacture Information
  • Microbiology Information
  • New Item*
  • Packaging Information
  • Stability Information

Response to Administrative Filing Issue


Response to Deficiency, Complete Response, Information Request or Additional Comments Letter


REMS—Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy

  • REMS Final
  • REMS Assessment
  • REM Assessment Methodology
  • REMS Revision
  • REMS Modification—Due to Safety Labeling Changes
  • REMS Modification—Major
  • REMS Modification—Minor
  • REMS Proposal—Standard
  • REMS Correspondence



* For Type III and Type IV DMFs, new item represents a new item in the DMF, such as a rubber stopper, cap, and so forth.

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