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Food Defense Initiatives

Vulnerability Assessments

FDA conducts vulnerability assessments (VA) on food systems to identify, quantify and prioritize (or rank) the vulnerabilities in a system.

Food and Agriculture Sector and other Related Activities

Protecting the critical infrastructure and key resources of the United States–from both deliberate terrorist attack and destructive natural events - is essential to the Nation's security, public health, safety and economic vitality. 

National Agriculture and Food Defense Strategy (NAFDS)

The National Agriculture and Food Defense Strategy (108) charts a direction for how the federal agencies, in cooperation with SLTT governments and private sector partners, protect the nation’s food supply against intentional adulteration.

Food Defense Field Assignments

Food Defense related FDA field activities designed as a proactive effort to prepare for the protection of food during special security events.

Other Related Resources

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For general food defense information, please email [email protected] 

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