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  1. Food Export Certificates

Online Verification of Export Certificates for Food

Most FDA-issued export certificates for food are issued electronically via PDF. Anyone who receives an FDA-issued export certificate for food issued via PDF may verify the authenticity of these certificates online using one of the options below.

To verify the authenticity of a "Certificate to a Foreign Government" (CFG), "Certificate of Exportability" (COE), or “Certificate of Free Sale” (COFS), click on the link below to access the online portal for verification.

The CFG and COE include a unique QR code to allow easier verification of the authenticity of these certificates. Anyone who receives one of these certificates from a U.S. exporter can scan the QR code to see a copy of the certificate as issued by the FDA. To scan a QR code, open a camera application on your mobile phone and hold your device so the QR code appears on the screen. If your phone is capable of reading QR codes, tap the notification that pops up to navigate to the FDA website to view a copy of the certificate. If your phone does not have this capability, you will need to use the portal below for verification.

Please note the following system requirements for the Online Portal for Verification of Export Certificates for Food and Cosmetics: Google Chrome 49.0 or newer, Mozilla Firefox 43.0 or newer, or Microsoft Internet Explorer Edge

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