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Interstate Travel Program

The Interstate Travel Program (ITP) at Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  is responsible for inspection of passenger-carrying conveyances during  their  construction and operation as well as the support facilities for those conveyances.  These conveyances include aircraft, charter coaches, railroad passenger cars, and vessels that operate in interstate traffic. Support facilities include caterers and commissaries (which supply food and beverages), watering points, and waste-handling facilities AKA servicing areas.

The authority for ITP arises from the U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) Act, which brought the Interstate Quarantine Regulations (IQRs) into existence. From the IQRs came 21 CFR 1240 Control of Communicable Diseases and 21 CFR 1250 Interstate Conveyance Sanitation.

21 CFR1240 Subpart E mandates that only potable water be placed onboard conveyances in interstate traffic by conveyance operators for drinking and culinary purposes and .that FDA approves the watering points and onboard treatment processes for delivery of that potable water. “Potable water” must also meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Primary Drinking Water Standards in 40 CFR 141.

21 CFR 1250 is subdivided into the following Subparts: (A) Definitions, (B) Food Service Sanitation on Land and Air Conveyances and vessels, (C) Equipment and Operation of Land and Air Conveyances, (D) Servicing Areas for Land and Air Conveyances, and (E) Sanitation Facilities and Conditions on Vessels.  The FDA also developed handbooks to provide greater detail about the requirements for construction and operation of all four conveyance types and their support facilities.

In addition to the aforementioned handbooks and regulations the FDA Food Code provides guidance for foodservice operations at caterers and commissaries and onboard conveyances.  21 CFR 117 (formerly 21 CFR 110) provides the regulatory background behind the food manufacturing aspects of operations at fixed facilities such as caterers and commissaries.

There are a number of existing links on fda.gov that are related to ITP operations and compliance activities.

Interstate Travel Program Resources

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