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Pesticide Analytical Manual Volume II

(Updated January 2002)

Most methods in Pesticide Analytical Manual Volume II were developed by pesticide registrants and submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to fulfill the requirement that a method suitable for enforcement be available. EPA and FDA are currently considering approaches to making methods available electronically.

An updated index to PAM II methods is available in both Adobe Acrobat pdf (86 Kb) and text (html) formats. The index lists pesticides both alphabetically by name and numerically by appropriate section(s) of Code of Federal Regulations Title 40.

Additional information from other U.S. Government agencies:

The updated index includes indications of methods submitted to the U.S. EPA but not compiled in PAM II. Information on those methods not compiled in PAM II, may be found on the following EPA web pages:

  • Index of Residue Analytical Methods (RAM):    http://www.epa.gov/oppbead1/methods/ram12b.htm
  • Pesticides: Analytical Methods & Procedures:    http://www.epa.gov/oppbead1/methods/
  • Current Contact Information:
    Paul Golden Telephone: 410-305-2960
    Environmental Science Center
    701 Mapes Road
    Fort Meade, MD 20755-5350
    FAX: 410-305-3091

To comment on PAM II index or request further information, contact Carolyn Makovi by Email.

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